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How to correctly apply and use the femSense patch

Emma explains femSense step by step. Emma will also guide you through our app.

What is femSense?

What is femSense?

femSense is a new form of the basal body temperature method of fertility awareness. femSense is the first ovulation test that uses continuous temperature measurement to identify a woman’s most fertile days and display those days in the femSense app.


Who can use femSense?

femSense is suitable for women aged 20 - 45 years, who have cycles between 21 and 35 days and cycle length fluctuations of maximum +/- 3 days. Irregular cycles can have a negative impact on the reliability of the femSense system, for this reason we recommend you consult a doctor before using femSense if your cycle is irregular. Certain medical conditions can also prevent femSense from reliably predicting ovulation. These include:

  • Severe, acute or chronic diseases
  • Heavy consumption of drugs, alcohol or nicotine
  • Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Obesity
  • Hirsutism (excessive hair growth)
  • Plaster allergy

How can femSense help me get pregnant?

femSense uses the most up-to-date technology to measure, record and analyse your basal body temperature. Using this information in combination with your personal menstrual cycle data, which you enter yourself, the intelligent algorithm can measure and confirm your ovulation and recommend the optimal days to have intercourse to get pregnant.


With which smartphones does femSense work?

In order to read the femSense patches the smartphone must have NFC.
For Apple:

  • Apple devices from iPhone 7 or newer models can use NFC without restrictions. NFC is automatically enabled, so you don’t have to turn anything on or off. Note: iPhone 6s has NFC, but it is only available for Apple Pay.

For Android there are several options:

  • Drag your status bar down and look for an NFC button
  • Open the settings and go to “Connections” or “Device connection” and look for a switch to activate NFC
  • Visit the manufacturer’s or a dealer’s website and search for the specifications for your device.

First steps with femSense

When can I stick the first patch?

To find out when to apply the femSense patch tap on the Ovulation Detection button at the bottom of your screen. The app will show you when to apply the patch.


How do I stick the patch correctly?

We advise that you apply the patch after taking a shower. Make sure the skin is completely dry and do not use deodorant or body lotion before sticking the patch. To determine the correct position put your hand on your hip and relax your shoulder. The patch should be applied 3 fingers width under the armpit, at the side of the breast. Keep your hand on your hip while sticking the patch so that the skin is not stretched.


How can I get a read-out from my patch?

Tap on the Ovulation Detection button at the bottom of the screen in your app. Then tap on “Read Patch” and hold the back of your phone to the middle of the patch. The recorded temperature data will be read from the patch and analysed by the app. You will be informed by the app whether your ovulation has been detected.


When should I get a read-out from the patch?

You can get a read-out at any time of day, up to 3 times a day. However, we recommend you read the patch in the morning.


What should I do if I cannot remember the date of my last period?

Please wait until your next period starts and enter that date in the app. The app can then calculate when to apply the patch. This date will be marked in the calendar of the Ovulation Detection mode.


How femSense works

How does femSense ovulation detection work?

femSense is an innovative new way using of basal body temperature to identify ovulation. It does all the temperature measurement, charting and analysis for you. The system consists of a very precise temperature sensor embedded in an adhesive skin patch and the supporting smartphone app. The patch is worn under the arm for 5 -7 days during which time it continuously measures your body temperature, day and night. The temperature data collected and saved on the patch can be transferred to the app on your phone using NFC. The app analyses the data and can identify the minute rise in temperature which is a sign of ovulation. The app will remind you when to apply the patch and will let you know your most fertile days.


How accurate is femSense?

The temperature sensor in the femSense patch measures with a degree of accuracy of less than ± 0.1°C and is therefore more accurate than any analogue or digital thermometer. As the patch measures continuously, in the same position, there is also less fluctuation in the readings which gives us an ovulation detection rate of over 93%.


Can I use femSense if I have an irregular cycle?

femSense works best with regular cycles. If your cycle is very irregular (frequent deviations of more than +/- 3 days) we recommend that you consult your doctor for a check-up when you want to get pregnant.


The femSense Patch

Will the patch expose me to any form of radiation?

NO. Unlike other products on the market which use blue tooth for their data transfer, the femSense patch does not emit any radiation. femSense uses NFC for the data transfer, not only is this quicker (less than 2 seconds) and safer, it is also means that the user is not exposed to radiation.


Can the patch cause skin irritation?

As could be expected from any adhesive worn for several days, slight irritation, itching or reddening may be experienced. In this case we recommend smearing a soothing cream over the skin once the patch is removed, the irritation should then disappear after 48 hours at the latest. If the skin irritation persists for more than 48 hours, please consult a doctor.


Can I shower, have a bath or use the sauna while wearing the femSense patch?

You can wash or shower as normal however baths or saunas are not recommended while wearing the patch.


How often can I use the patch?

The patch can only be used once. After use remove the patch and dispose of it in the battery recycling bin.


How long do I have to wear the patch?

The length of time you wear the patch varies from person to person depending on when we identify your ovulation, 7 days at most.


The femSense app.

Can I see my temperature curve?

No, femSense processes and analyses your temperature values exclusively to measure and confirm your ovulation. Temperature values or curves are deliberately not displayed, as femSense is not certified as a thermometer and is not intended as a diagnostic tool for analysis or detection of diseases or other medical conditions i.e. fever.


How do I enter data?

  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Tap on the day you want to add something to. The window will open showing all the information you have already entered.
  3. Tap on the + in the lower righthand corner.
  4. Tap on the icons or move the slider, add any new symptoms you want to record.

How can I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your femSense account, please use the “contact support” function in the menu of the femSense app and state that you wish to delete your account. Your account will be deleted within 2 working days.


How can I activate reminders?

Permission must be given to enable reminders. Go to “settings” in your mobile phone then “allow notifications” for the femSense app.


Ordering and Delivery

How long does the delivery take?

Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours. Delivery takes between 1 and 2 days in Austria and 3 to 4 days throughout Europe.


Is femSense shipped in a neutral, discrete packaging?

Yes, femSense is shipped in a neutral packaging.


To which countries is femSense delivered?

femSense is currently delivered within Europe.



Can I use femSense Ovulation when I am sick?

That depends entirely on the type of sickness. If you get sick while wearing the patch you should of course take it easy. If you have a fever, we recommend that you skip this cycle. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor.


I have a plaster allergy. Can I still use femSense?

We use a certified biocompatible, medical, skin friendly plaster. If you are uncertain, please consult your doctor.


Up until recently I was taking the contraceptive pill, when can I start using femSense?

Your body will need some time until your hormone balance has reestablished itself. The estrogen and progestin in the pill have an effect on your whole system and are only broken down after 6 weeks at the earliest. It can take varying lengths of time before your cycle becomes regular again. The first period after stopping the pill is known as a “withdrawal bleed”. The next one after this is your first natural period.The general rule is: you can use femSense after your first natural menstruation when you stop taking the pill.


Technical problems

What should I do if I cannot get a read-out from my patch?

If this happens please contact


How can I find out if my smartphone has NFC?

The patch can be read with all devices that have NFC. If you are unsure whether your smartphone has NFC, please click on this Link and look for your smartphone model on this site.


Who can I contact if I need help?

Please contact